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M.S. Black & G.I. Pipes

Nezone Tubes Limited, the manufacturers of M.S. Black & G.I. Pipes, is an ISO 9002 (Certified Quality Management System) company. The company produces a wide range of quality round and hollow sections (Marked with an ISI) to meet various industrial and domastic requirements.

The Facility
The company adopts the best technology and incorporates uncompromising quaity standards. It has a most modern ERW Precision Tube Mill of German design with High Frequency Induction Welder for sizes ranging from 15 mm OD to 50.8 mm OD and thickness from 0.8mm to 2.64mm. The Tube Mill has complete set of tools for making standard size tubes of round, square and rectangular shapes for furniture, engineering, automobile and other applications.

To facilitate the regular supply of slit coil for the Tube Mill, a CR Slitter with the latest driven slitter-head/loop-pit arrangement is installed for slitting coils from 0.4mm to 3.0mm thickness. A 380 KVA DG set for uninterrupted power supply and a variety of testing machines are also part of the facility for assuring prompt supplies and best quality.
The Process: The wide width CR coil is slit into narrow width coils as per chart for various tube sizes in the CR Slitter.

The CR slit coils are loaded in the pay-off reel of the Tube Mill and the leading edges welded to the trailing edge of previous coils to make continuous stirp for continuous operation, Cage Type Strip Accumulator is provided.
The Flat Cold Rolled Strip is formed into the circular shape in various roll passes with latest edge form design tooling in the breakdown and fin passes in the forming mill.
A seam guide is provided to closely control the gap between egdes which is critical to H.F. induction welding operation.

The edges are heated by high frequency current induced by an induction connected to the H.F. enerator and squeezed by the welding roll assembly to produce continuous welded tube. After welding the outside bead is removed by OD scrafing and passes through ironing rolls, cooling chamber and sizing mill.
The size and straightness of the tubes are controlled by sizing passes and Turk heads to closer tolerances and then cut by a high speed flying saw on cut-of-carriage and trasferred to collecting buckets through run-out-table.

Tudes are segregated on-line into prime quality tubes, commercial quality tubes and scrap tubes. The prime quality tubes are then oiled and packed to standard bundles for despatch.

The Quality
At Nezone Tubes Limited, quality is an integral part of the process, where quality is built-in from design stage and selection of every input like equipment, tooling, raw material etc. The process control measures like setting charts, recording & evaluation of operating parameters, selection & training of personnel ensure product quality.

We carry out destructive and bend tests and also visual checks as per sampling plan to conform the quality to IS and other international standards. Details of our test results are recorded and test certificates are issued accordingly.

The Utility
Our products meet a wide spectrum of needs. They offer many advantages such as close tolerances on diameter and thickness, exceptional concentricity and smoot finish, both inside and outside.

Industry wise application of our tubes : IS Standards
Cycle Industry  
Automotive Industry  
Two Wheeler Main Frame  
Exhaust Tubes 2039/1981
Chassis Tubes  
Crash Guards 3074/1979
Bus/Van Body Building 4923/1985
Main Structure 3601/1984
Seat Frames  
Grab Rails  
Handles 7138/1973
Furniture Industry  
Structural Engineering  
Electrical Industry  
General Engineering  
Sectional Tubes  

The Promise
When you buy NEZONE TUBES, you can be doubly sure of its exceptional quality. Those who have already tried and tested it now vouch for its enduring excellence. Make NEZONE TUBES your choice. It will honour your trust.

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