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(A Unit Of Surana Strips Ltd.)

Upgradation of products through R & D.

SURUNA TUBES, a unit of SURUNA STRIPS LTD. and member of SURUNA UDYOG GROUP OF INDUSTRIES, manufactures best quality steel tubes, both black and galvanised. The tubes are formed on the latest tube mills and continuously welded employing an on-line high frequency electric resistance welding machine. Our tubes are exported to Middle East and South East Asian countries.

Our Products
Our manufacturing range is from 15 mm to 150 mm nominal diameter in light, medium and heavy series. The pipes are identified by the colour coding yellow, blue and red as specified by the international standards. Our pipes are normally made in 6 mtrs lengths. However specific customer required lengths can also be accommodated.

Our pipes are manufactured to national and international specificationas like IS 1239 Part I 1990, IS 1161/79, BS 1387/67 & ASTM-A-120 SCH.40. We are authorised to use the ISI mark on our pipes.

Our pipes are basically used for conveying water, oil and gas in various industries and for agriculture. They also find application in structural fabrication and scaffolding.

Quality Control
We maintain rigid quality control at various stages by exprienced quality control personnel, rigid from raw material to finished products as per relevant specifications. The pipes are subjected to bend, flattening and elongation and tensile testa and are tested hydraulically 50 kg. per sq. cm. to ensure that there are no leakages. Galvanizing coating thickness is checked and each pipe is passed through strict visual checks for good finish and straightness.

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